Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

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It is now necessary to have a nice pair of formal shoes from an established company versus being a symbol of wealth. You can’t wear each pair of shoes in your collection for every occasion. Formal occasions like weddings, job interviews, and important client meetings need you to look handsome and sophisticated in a suit and polished formal shoes.

Dress shoes are timeless, sophisticated footwear that makes a big impression, particularly when you’re meeting someone for the first time. It’s important that you select your formal footwear carefully if you want to project a positive image every time you go out.

In an effort to help you maintain looking your best every day, we’ve put prepared a list of the top 10 formal shoe makers in the whole country. These companies all specialize in manufacturing comfortable dress shoes.

Top10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

1. Hush Puppies

One of the most popular formal shoe brands in the United StatesHush Puppies, had its shoe industry debut in 1958. For the US military, shoemaker Wolverine Worldwide Wide developed an innovative technique for pigskin tanning.

This American brand, which goes by the tagline “We invented casual,” has become popular among celebrities across the world. The company was the first to manufacture formal shoes with sharp designs; it was named after the beautiful Basset Hound dog breed.

Their unique design features a lightweight sole, Scotch Gard coated leather, and a comfortable fit. In collaboration with Bata, Hush Puppies opened their first retail shop in Dehradun, India. Today, they have over 100 locations offering both formal and casual shoe choices.

To provide the best potential comfort, they make sure that their athletic-inspired formal shoes are lightweight and flexible. Given that Hush Puppies formal shoes are both sturdy and popular, it should come as no surprise that they’re an excellent investment.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

2. Red Tape

Choosing suitable shoes will be easy for you due to the well-known Red Tape brand. Red Tape’s formal footwear is a standout due to its superior quality and delicate design. A worldwide firm owns the Red Tape brand Mirza, which continues to delight consumers with its finest footwear, which features an outstanding fit, premium design, and high-quality leather.

The business guarantees that all of its goods, featuring its selection of sophisticated formal wear, slippers, and casual wear, are affordable. Their dress shoes have excellent buckles that fit your foot comfortably.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

3. Clarks

Look into getting some of the top formal shoes from trusted brands to your collection; Clarks is an excellent choice. They have been supplying more than 20,000 different styles of shoes for over 200 years, making them an important player in the world shoe industry. Thanks to its more than 25 retail locations across the country, this British brand is now widely known among Indian shoe lovers. Their stylish and elegant formal shoes are the height of stylish comfort. They are offered in stunning excellent leather or suede.

Make sure you have a pair of these luxurious designer shoes in your closet. Their dress shoes stand out from the competition because of the padded leather finish, strong rubber sole, breathable leather interior, and cushioned footbeds. Before purchasing your next pair of formal shoes, check Clarks’ India webpage to see the most recent coupon availability.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

4. Bridlen

Since 1986, Bridlen has been providing outstanding boots and shoes to men in Japan. If it has earned its place among the priciest brands, buying a few pairs does have advantages. Bridlen is one of those unique companies whose goods have an air of quality and ease regarding them. This stylish brand has become a standard among India’s top shoemakers. A pair of Bridlen ought to be your first choice if you’re prepared to shell out some cash for a beautiful dress shoe.

In an effort to bridge the gap between built and bespoke shoes, Bridlen ensures that their dress shoes are made using tried-and-true design principles. Each Bridlen shoe has been carefully polished to be the height of English elegance and timeless beauty. Their formal shoes are an excellent purchase because they last for more than 10 years and are never out of style. It is among the select few shoemakers that still make their shoes with a 360-degree Goodyear sole.

5. Pelle Santino

The Pellé Santino shoe line is owned by the famous fashion company Dapperman. This company manufactures beautiful dress shoes that are comfortable and well-designed. Mr. Mikhil Mehra’s idea for Pellé Santino was to replace a cheap pair of high-quality materials with expensive formal shoes. This footwear company works with highly qualified artisans all over the world to make handcrafted shoes with high-quality leather at an affordable price.

In addition, they provide specific services like customizing your go-to dress shoe or making a monogram using your initials. To make sure that every pair becomes a prized property, all of their items are fully handmade using the best raw materials and workmanship.

The firm offers high-end dress shoes at affordable rates since their handcrafted goods are made in a little workshop using royal full-grain leather held together by a Blake stitch and soft lining. Because of their sturdy top leather, worn-in patina, quick break-in time frame, and slim profile, Pellé Santino’s formal shoes are the best on the market.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

6. SeeandWear

Genuine leather dress shoes and casuals are made and supplied by the trusted business SeeandWear. Since their first appearance in 2011, they have advanced considerably. This brand has all things, including monks, loafers, lace-up shoes, and brogues.

Their smooth texture vented cushioned footbed, and superior top-grain leather uppers make up their best qualities. This maker creates a dressy pair with two bottoms utilizing the Blake Stitch method.

Wear SeeandWear shoes everywhere you go. Long-lasting, sturdy calfskin leather is used to make their formal shoes. Whether you wear formal shoes daily or just on special occasions doesn’t matter.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

7. Bata

Since its introduction into the Indian shoe market in 1931, Bata has been a top pick for all Indians. For footwear, here is no Indian who does not associated with a desi brand and does not consider Bata to be their top option. Among the largest shoemakers in the world is this Swiss company. This brand has an important retail presence with 5300 retail showrooms across 70 countries, including India, as well as manufacturing units in 18 countries.

In 1973, Bata India switched its name to Bata India Limited and earned recognition for having an important shoe-fanatic fan base. This company sells formal shoes in various designs made of real leather and patent leather, including monk straps to derby style with grooves for every meeting. The company works care to keep its cost-to-quality ratio the best in the industry, so you can buy a nice pair of formal shoes for a fair price.

As this brand incorporates small details and features to create high-end shoes that aren’t overly pricey, it is fair to conclude that they are serious about their making shoes company.

Top10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

8. Red Chief

Red Chief, the main line of luxury leather footwear, is managed by Leayan Global Pvt Ltd, an established company in the leather industry. They have a private tannery and manufacturing facilities, and they are specialists in leather footwear.

Around the world, shoe lovers have taken to Red Chief’s leather footwear since its launch in 1997. This company debuted the ‘Top Brass’ premium category last year, which featured luxurious formal and party shoes for men.

This brand’s specialty is designing beautiful formal shoes by experimenting with various supplies including suede, premium soft leather, and hide in a range of colors to represent the wearer’s mood, like tan, burgundy, black, and brown.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

9. Woodland

Canadian shoemaker Woodland entered the Indian market in 1992. They are the go-to shoes for any tough man because they specialize in manufacturing shoes that are driven by the spirit of adventure.

They introduced the Woods line, featuring a selection of men’s shoes for formal events and at work. Their specialty is offering a wide range of formal shoes with multiple styles, including monks, lace-ups, and brogues. The shoemaker has continued to be the top player in the Indian formal shoe market because of their ability to combine supple leather with exceptional comfort.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

10. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is a luxury menswear brand available in India. The shoe collection offers a variety of formals, casuals, sliders, and flip-flops for you to choose from. When completing online purchases, use Louis Phillipe coupons to get your favorite items for less money than they would otherwise cost.

The name Louis Philippe connotes distinction, style, and aristocracy. For fashion-forward males, the brand curates an amazing selection of custom-made shoes, semi-formals, and formals that are available both in-store and online. They design ensembles that are both classic and modern, which is a great balance for the ideal man.

Top 10 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

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