How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone 13

Several features on your iPhone can come in handy in an emergency. There are several ways to call 911 more quickly. However, accidents sometimes happen, so you may be asking how to disable emergency SOS on the iPhone 13 if you unintentionally turned it on.

How to End a Call on an iPhone 13 by Using the Side Button Option

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Choose Emergency SOS.
  3. Turn off the Call with the Side Button.

Additional information on how to disable the emergency SOS on an iPhone 13, along with images demonstrating the process, are given in the section that follows.
There are components on your iPhone 13 that are relevant to personal safety and health. You may display vital health information for medical staff using some of these capacities.
Dialing 911 or the emergency services number in your nation is made slightly easier by one choice.

You can accomplish this by repeatedly hitting the side button five times.
But holding onto this choice carries some risk. Although it’s convenient to know that you can make that call with such ease (if you remember that it’s an option), pressing that button five times is unexpectedly simple.

You can turn this feature off if you’re concerned that you could accidentally dial 911. If you hit the Power button too frequently, you may mistakenly call 911. Our instructions below will teach you where to find and change this setting.
In order to avoid receiving calls on other Apple devices, you might want to learn how to turn off phone calls on the iPad.

How to Stop 911 Calls on your iPhone by Pressing the Power Button Five Times (With Pictures)

Using iOS 15, the procedures in this post were carried out on an iPhone 13. These exact instructions will function with several previous iterations of iOS as well as other iPhone models running iOS 15.

Step-1: iPhone open setting on the iPhone App

How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone
How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone Setting

Step-2: Scroll and the Emergency SOS option and choose

How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone
How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone

Step-3: To turn it off, tap the button next to the Call with Side Button.

When the button has no green shading around it, this feature is disabled. In the image below, I have it turned off.

How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone
How To Turn Off SOS on iPhone

Here is an update of our guide with more information.

More Information on Turning Off the iPhone’s Capability to Contact Emergency Services by Pressing the Power Button Five Times

It must be noted that you can still contact emergency services in other ways after following the above instructions to disable this function. For instance, you can still use the emergency calling feature by holding down one of the volume keys and the side button. Additionally, you can always make direct 911 calls using the Phone app.
You may also enable the Countdown Sound option by scrolling to the bottom of the Emergency SOS menu on an iPhone, which provides an extra layer of protection against inadvertent emergency calls. In the unlikely event that you accidentally place an emergency call, this triggers your iPhone to make a loud, noticeable noise that allows you a few seconds to cancel.

Additionally, you ought to use this chance to designate an emergency contact on your gadget. This makes it possible for medical professionals to get in touch with friends or family in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Question

What is SOS on iPhone 13 Pro Max?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max's SOS feature connects you to emergency services immediately if you need help immediately. With only a few taps, you can connect with emergency services and alert your emergency contacts, faster the delivery of assistance in critical situations.

Why would I want to turn off SOS on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

You may want to disable the SOS feature on your iPhone 13 Pro Max for several reasons. For personal reasons, some users can find accidental activations annoying or prefer not to use the service. Whether or not to disable SOS is a personal decision that is based on your tastes and situation.

How do I turn off SOS on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

To turn off SOS on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, follow these steps: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on Emergency SOS. Turn off the option Call with Side Button. To stop your iPhone from automatically contacting emergency services when you quickly push the side and volume buttons, you can also turn off the Auto Call feature. Your iPhone 13 Pro Max's SOS feature will be turned off when you've finished these steps.

Will turning off SOS affect other emergency features on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Other emergency features on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, such Medical ID and Emergency Contacts, will remain functional even if you disable the SOS option. In an emergency, you can still use these capabilities and give first responders vital information.

Can I customize the SOS settings on my iPhone 13 Pro Max instead of turning it off completely?

It is possible to personalize the SOS settings on your iPhone 13 Pro Max to fit your tastes. You can select emergency contacts, modify the countdown sound, and activate auto-call, for instance. You can adapt the SOS feature to your own needs while still guaranteeing your safety in an emergency by changing the settings.

How do I access the SOS feature if I need it in the future after turning it off?

You may easily re-enable the SOS feature by following the previously described instructions if you ever need to use it again after turning it off. Launch the Settings application, select Emergency SOS, and then turn on the required settings. When you require emergency assistance, you may instantly use the SOS feature thanks to this.

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