How to play Golden Sun on switch

Next week, two famous role-playing games from the Game Boy Advance—2001’s Golden Sun and 2002’s Golden Sun: The Lost Age—will be released for the Nintendo Switch. This tweet suggests that the games will be released on January 17th, while this press release states they will be available on January 16th. 

We have contacted Nintendo to get approval, but there appears to be some confusion over the time zone. They will, however, be accessible as part of a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription, regardless of the precise date.

Ever since Nintendo first stated that Game Boy games would be released on its subscription service, we have known that at least one of these titles would be available on the Switch. 

That was when the Golden Sun first emerged. However, it has taken about a year for that tease to come to pass. The following is how Nintendo’s press release explains the titles, in case you’re not familiar with them:

From the tiny town of Vale to the mysterious peaks of Mt. Aleph, the Golden Sun game takes magic-wielding young characters Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia on a quest to stop the ancient power of Alchemy from being unleashed on their home world of Weyard.

They will come across cunning rivals, puzzling puzzles, and tough challenges that test the limits of their magical skills (Psynergy) as they travel through villages, tunnels, and dungeons on their trip. 

They receive help from mysterious beings known as the Djinn along the journey, who enable the heroes use their Psynergy to unleash powerful spells and deadly attacks.

Golden Sun on switch: The Lost Age, the follow-up to Golden Sun, marks an important shift in the plot as it focuses on Felix, a young Adept (or magic user) and the first game’s antagonist, and his quest to show that alchemy isn’t always a bad thing instead of a force that might be able to save Weyard. 

Adepts Jenna and Sheba as well as the elderly scholar Kraden feel obligated to follow Felix on his journey, and they all strive to keep Felix on course. At the same time, they come across strong and strange fresh challenges.

Nintendo Life notes that the releases should support the games’ online battle mode in addition to the single-player duties. Nintendo’s Japanese website shows that you can use an emulated relationship cable or a password to transfer game data across the two titles.

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