Rick Harrison net worth

Rick Harrison net worth

Having a $9 million net worth, Rick Harrison is an American businessman and reality TV star. The Harrison family, who travels the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, features Rick Harrison. “Pawn Stars” is a reality television series that covers the antics and mischief that take place at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. It has made the Harrison family famous.

Rick Harrison Bio/Wiki

On March 22, 1965, Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. and Joanne Harrison welcomed Richard Kevin Harrison into the world in Lexington, North Carolina. The third kid is Richard. He has an older brother called Joseph and a younger brother name Chris. His older sister Sherry died away when she was six years old. His father served in the United States Navy. The family migrated to San Diego when Harrison’s father was transferred there when he was two years old. Harrison started having epileptic seizures when he was 8 years old.

This resulted in Harrison being confined to bed a lot while creating a lifelong passion for reading. After two years of attending Taft Middle School in San Diego, Harrison left to focus on his “$2,000-a-week business of selling fake Gucci bags.” In April 1981, the Harrison family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Date of Birth:

1965, March, 22

Birth Name

Richard Kevin Harrison


Richard Harrison






businessmanTV Personality

Birth Nation

United States


Richard Benjamin Harrison


Joanne Rhue Harrison


Rick Harrison net worth

In 1981, Harrison’s father launched his first charity shop when the family moved to Las Vegas. On Las Vegas Boulevard, the first Gold & Silver Coin Shop was a 300-square-foot hole in the wall. He repossessed autos at night. The business transferred to a greater location in Las Vegas’s downtown in 1986. sadly, the Harrisons’ lease on that location expired in 1988.

After that, they transferred the store to a brand-new business complex on Las Vegas Boulevard. For many years, Harrison and his father had discussed turning the coin store into a pawnshop. It looked like the logical next step for the business. That was made more difficult, though, by a 1955 ordinance in Las Vegas that limited the number of new licenses that could be issued to pawn shops according to the population of the city.

The larger metro area around Las Vegas had around 640,000 residents by 1988. Every week, Harrison would make a call to the city’s statistician to enable them to apply for one of the coveted pawn licenses in the city, which can be obtained only when Las Vegas’s population reaches a particular threshold. Following that event in 1989, the Harrisons were given their pawn license. Harrison and his father launched the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the Las Vegas Strip the same year. The shop was co-owned by them until the passing of his father in 2018.

By 2005, Harrison and his father were lending out close to $3 million annually. As a result, the Harrisons’ revenue from loan interest amounted to almost $700,000. By 2006, the pawnshop had established a solid reputation for offering rare sports collectibles. It served as a refuge for gamblers who had to pawn anything to buy gas so they could return to their starting point.

After his pawnshop was featured in a PBS documentary in 2001 and on the hit Comedy Central show Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003, Harrison spent four years promoting the idea of a television show about his business.

Before the History Channel came calling and transformed the concept into the show Pawn Stars, which is currently the highest-rated on the History Channel, the idea was tossed around on YouTube and HBO.

Since its July 2009 premiere, Pawn Stars has aired for 21 seasons and 633 episodes as of June 2023. By far the most-watched program on The History Channel is Pawn Stars. History is renewing the show in batches of 80 episodes since it is so successful, which is very unusual for any television program, much less a reality series.

Rick’s son Corey Harrison, who works in the business now, appears on the episode with Austin “Chumlee” Russell, who was his boyhood closest buddy. Rick is known on the show as “The Spotter” because to his excellent sense of worth in objects.

Personal Life, Wife, Girlfriend

Rick Harrison net worth

Harrison’s girlfriend Kim became pregnant when he was 17. The couple chose to get married despite having a miscarriage. Corey, their first child, was born on April 27, 1983. Adam, their second child, was born two years later. Adam’s birth coincided with Harrison and Kim’s divorce.

Nine months later, on a blind double date, Harrison met Tracy, the woman who would become his second wife. They moved in together after six months of dating, got married eight months later, and took on motherhood for Corey and Adam. Afterward, they got divorced.

Harrison, who has been divorced twice, announced his marriage to Deanna Burditt in 2012. On July 21, 2013, the pair tied the knot in Laguna Beach, California. September 2020 saw their divorce. Harrison wed Amanda Palmer in 2021.

Rick Harrison has shown an interest in politics. He was thinking about running for Nevada governor in 2022 and the US Senate in 2024.

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