Amy Robach Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Career

Great American television journalist Amy Robach has made an ongoing mark on the broadcast journalism profession. Her broad skill set, compelled on-screen persona and persistent commitment to deliver news with accuracy and empathy have made her career stand out.

Amy Robach Net Worth

Amy Robach Biography

Based on our most recent records, Amy Robach was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 6, 1973. Amy Robach graduated in journalism from the University of Georgia in 1995. She started working as a reporter in regional news in Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio.


Amy Robach


American Television Journalist and News Anchor

Date of Birth

6 February 1973

Birth Place



50 years old


167 cm


60 kg (132 lbs).


Andrew Shue




University of Georgia

Net Worth

$1.5 Million

Amy Robach Net Worth

Amy Robach Net Worth

Amy Robach has reached great popularity and financial success. Here is what you need if you are one of those looking for Amy Robach’s net worth.  Amy Robach’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Amy Robach Early Life

In 1973, Amy Robach was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents are a construction worker and a nurse. She was brought up with strong principles of dedication and hard work in a close-knit family. Robach has always been attracted by the field of journalism and its power to change people’s lives. She was a committed student who followed her love of journalism throughout her time in college, graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in the field of journalism

Amy Robach Age

In 2023, Amy will be 49 years old on February 6th.

Amy Robach Height and Weight

Amy Robach weighs  60 kilograms (132 lbs) and stands 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall. She is known for her chic and professional look both on and off the screen. She also has a toned and tight figure.

Amy Robach Family

Actor and investor Andrew Shue are married to Amy Robach, and the two each have two daughters together. Amy Robach’s family her husband and kids have supported her and her professional journey.

Amy Robach Ethnicity

The ethnicity of Amy Robach is Caucasian. Her family is from the United States, and she was raised in St. Louis, Missouri.


Amy Robachwas born in the United States. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and has lived her entire life living and working in the US.

Amy Robach Net Worth


On earning a journalism bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in 1995, Amy Robach started her career in the media and joined NBC News in 2003, and worked as a News reporter in Atlanta and Columbus, Ohio. Before joining ABC News in 2012 as the co-anchor of 20/20, she was employed by NBC as a national reporter.

Amy Robach Achievements

Amy Robach has won awards for her outstanding reporting skills and dedication to truthful and impartial reporting.

  • Corresponding for NBC News during the September 11 attacks;
  • Anchoring ABC News’ of the 2016 presidential election.
  • Co-anchoring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding on ABC News; author of the best-selling book “Better: How I Let Go of Control, held on to Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour.”
Amy Robach Net Worth

Amy Robach Awards

Since starting her career as a journalist, Amy Robach has won various awards and honors, such as

  • The Edward R. Murrow Award and
  • The Emmy Award.
  • National Headliner Award for Excellence in Journalism; Gracie Award for Outstanding Anchor

The awards provide testimony to her dedication to fair and accurate reporting as well as her talent for graphically narrating major events.

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