Dragon Fruit in Pregnancy: Side Effects and Benefits

A vibrant tropical fruit endemic to South and Central America is called dragon fruit, or pitaya. It tastes sweet and refreshing and is packed with nutrients including fiber and protein. Dragon fruit is safe to eat when pregnant. However, since there have been a few documented occurrences of dragon fruit allergies, speak with your doctor before including it in your diet.

Dragon fruit comes in a variety of forms, but they always feature soft, red, magenta, or white edible flesh with small black seeds buried in it, as well as scaly, textured outer skin. Any variety can be chosen when your doctor gives the all-clear.

Continue reading to learn more about fruit’s nutritional content, potential health advantages, negative effects, and acceptable consumption amounts for expectant mothers.

Dragon Fruit

Can Dragon Fruit Be Eaten by Pregnant Women?

Pitaya fruit is thought to be good for expectant mothers and advantageous for the growth of the fetus. It contains sugars, carbs, calcium, dietary fiber, and sodium. Dragon fruit is safe if you have small amounts of it.

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What Is the Daily Allotment of Dragon Fruit?

A Pitaya fruit of typical size may weigh between 350 and 400 grams. Pregnant women should ideally consume 200 grams or more of fruits each day. Consult your doctor before ingesting more than the suggested amounts if you are unsure about the consumption.

Dragon Fruit's Nutritional Profile

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) claims that dragon fruit has no fat or cholesterol. You may be able to get the following nutrients from a 100-gram portion of dragon fruit, which may help with your pregnancy requirements.

Dragon fruit has minerals that are good for expectant women.



Per 100g of Dragon Fruit


1800-2400 Calories

264 kcal




Dietary fiber






Vitamin C



Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit in Pregnancy

In addition to having a distinct and sweet flavor, dragon fruit has a significant water content that can help you meet your daily water requirements. Furthermore, it could improve your health in the following ways:

  1. Reduces the risk of anemia: According to a meta-analysis conducted by several studies, 36.8% of pregnant women suffer from anemia. Because red dragon fruit juice contains iron, a study found that pregnant women’s levels of erythrocytes and hemoglobin were significantly affected. There isn’t much research on this advantage, though.
  2. Alleviates constipation: Pitaya fruit has a high dietary fiber content and may help alleviate constipation to some degree. Consuming dietary fiber helps support healthy digestion by removing toxins from the body.
  3. Guards against free radicals: According to a study, the red dragon fruit’s antioxidant properties may shield infants from any harm that would result from breathing in cigarette smoke. Smoke exposure during pregnancy may increase the chance of low birth weight kids.

Significant amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin C, iron, folate, magnesium, and other bioactive substances, such as lycopene (carotenoid), which support immune system function and general health, are also present in dragon fruit.

It’s wise to be aware of any potential adverse effects if you wish to sample the fruit for the first time while pregnant even if you haven’t eaten it previously.

Dragon Fruit Benefits

Given its abundance of micronutrients, let’s examine the 10 essential health advantages of Pitaya fruit.

  1. Lowers Diabetes Risk

Diabetes is known to be controlled by Pitaya fruit. The fruit’s fiber content contributes to its ability to prevent sugar surges. Some scientists additionally link this advantage to its capacity to regenerate injured pancreatic cells. Sugar is dissolved by insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Pitaya fruit is hence said to help regulate sugar.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Antioxidants, flavonoids, phenolic acid, and betacyanin, which are abundant in Pitaya fruit, prevent damage caused by free radicals. The chemicals that cause cancer and early aging are known as free radicals. Vitamin C is one of the most common antioxidants that helps prevent chronic illnesses including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on. One of the main advantages of dragon fruit for health is this.

  1. Promotes Immunity

As previously mentioned, dragon fruit is a significant source of vitamin C. Strong antioxidants like vitamin C help ward off illness and strengthen your immune system. According to some research, consuming 200 grams of Pitaya fruit daily can help prevent illness.

  1. Increases Digestion

Prebiotics like oligosaccharides found in fruit promote the development of beneficial gut flora. Because these prebiotics live in the lower digestive system and promote the development of beneficial gut bacteria there, they aid in proper food digestion. By facilitating easy absorption, gut bacteria aid in the breakdown of food. They also supply vitamins that shield the body against a range of illnesses.

  1. Increases Heart Function

The iron-rich cell known as hemoglobin (Hb) is found in our bodies. The movement of oxygen from the heart to other bodily areas is aided by these Hb cells. Due to its high iron content, dragon fruits help produce hemoglobin.

The red-colored pulp of dragon fruit contains a special type of pigment called betalains, which is derived from nitrogen. It is a special knowledge that betalains reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the body.

In addition, the fruit has a lot of black seeds, which are high in omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids, which are heart-healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

  1. Issues with Aging Skin

As previously mentioned, the antioxidants in dragon fruit help prevent aging caused by stress, pollution, poor diet, and other factors. Dragon fruit’s vitamin C helps to brighten skin as well.

  1. Healthy Hair

According to studies, consuming dragon fruit every day along with milk may help prevent pollution and chemical coloring harm to hair. It also adds shine and softness to our hair, making it more beautiful.

  1. Strong Bones

Magnesium, which is found in fruit, fortifies bones and helps prevent age-related discomfort and injury. Therefore, it is strongly advised that those who are more susceptible to bone disorders periodically eat dragon fruit.

  1. Beneficial to Eyes

Beta-carotene, which is found in this fruit, is converted to vitamin A. Lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin are abundant in the human lens and contribute to eye health maintenance and the prevention of ocular disorders. According to research, people can prevent eye disorders by taking 3–6 mg of beta-carotene daily.

  1. Beneficial for Pregnancy

Pregnancy benefits from dragon fruit in the following ways: –

  • Rich supply of lipids – Good fats support both the fetal brain’s development and the body’s ability to sustain high energy levels.
  • Protects against infections Dragon fruit promotes cell renewal and protects against infections.
  • Relief from constipation For expectant mothers, the fibers in dragon fruit guard against constipation and other stomach disorders.
  • Increased hemoglobin levels Iron from dragon fruit helps red blood cells carry more oxygen, which raises hemoglobin levels, which is very important for expectant mothers.

How to Prepare Dragon Fruit

To consume dragon fruit, take these actions:

  1. Select Ripe Fruit: Seek out dragon fruit that has a uniform hue, pops of color, and a somewhat squishy texture. Steer clear of fruits with rotten or brown patches.
  2. Wash and Cut: After giving the fruit a quick rinse in cold water, cut it in half lengthwise with a clean knife.
  3. Scoop or Peel: There are two methods to consume dragon fruit:
  • Scoop: Remove the flesh from the skin with a spoon. It is often white or red and contains small black seeds.
  • Peel: You can use a knife to remove thick, rough skin before chopping the flesh into cubes.
  1. Serve: Dragon fruit can be eaten as a garnish for a variety of foods, or it can be mixed into smoothies, added to fruit salads, or enjoyed on its own.
  2. Optional: For extra taste, squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice on top. For a cool treat, you can chill the fruit before serving it.
Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Side Effects

The allergic reaction that dragon fruit can produce is one of its main negative effects. It could involve vomiting, hives, or tongue swelling. All of these adverse effects are transient, only occur in a small percentage of cases, and disappear when the fruit has fully left the body.

Do Dragon Fruits Have Any Potential Side Effects During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy-related side effects from dragon fruit use are minimal. However, it is advised to avoid eating it if you suffer any allergic responses, such rashes, itching, sneezing, or a burning sensation in your mouth.

If you’re not allergic to dragon fruit, you still need to eat it in moderation because consuming too much when you’re pregnant can have negative effects.

Is Dragon Fruit Beneficial for Diabetes During Gestation?

The dragon fruit seeds may help control blood glucose levels, which may help prevent and/or treat type 2 diabetes, according to the Defeat Diabetes Foundation.

But this notion is unsupported by any scientific data. Thus, it is impossible to state for sure if dragon fruit is beneficial or detrimental to gestational diabetes. If you are unsure, find out from your doctor whether dragon fruit is good for the health of expectant mothers.

If given the all-clear, you can use this fruit in your diet in a variety of ways in moderation.

How Do You Select Dragon Fruit?

While dragon fruits are accessible all year round, summer and fall are when they are at their peak. The following easy guidelines will help you choose ripe and fresh dragon fruit:

  • Examine the fruit’s exterior. It should be soft and pliable without being constrictive. The fruit should be left to ripen for a few days on the kitchen counter if it feels firm.
  • The fruit’s tip ought to be dry and green as well.
  • Take hold of the fruit. Juiciness is indicated by the texture, which should feel hefty for its size.
  • Select fruit with a smooth surface and few flaws, bruises, or stains.

Be wary of dragon fruits that have visible bruising, blemishes, or mold as these could indicate degeneration

Dragon Fruit

How to Eat Dragon Fruit

Here are some ideas for incorporating dragon fruit into your diet as a mother.

  • Chop the fruit’s inside into slices or cubes.
  • Cut out the fruit’s edible portion and blend it into a smoothie

Infographic: Eating dragon fruit when pregnant may have health benefits

Tropical fruits with a high nutritional content are called dragon fruits. Their distinctive taste and appearance are what make them most famous.

Key Points:

  • When eaten in moderation, dragon fruit can be a healthy option for expectant mothers.
  • It has been shown to help prevent anemia and relieve constipation in expectant mothers.
  • Fiber, calcium, vitamin C, and carbs are all present in good amounts in this fruit and are necessary for a successful pregnancy.
  • Dragon fruit can be included in fruit salads, smoothies, and jams, among other pregnancy-friendly recipes.
  • If a pregnant woman consumes dragon fruit and develops an allergic reaction, she should exercise caution and consult a doctor.
  • Dragon fruit is a tasty and wholesome fruit.
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