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Danny Masterson is a $8 million actor, DJ, and ex-convict from the United States. That is his combined net worth with the actress Bijou Phillips, his wife. The most well-known part Danny Masterson has played is that of Hyde on the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Between 1998 and 2006, he starred in 200 episodes of the television program. In addition to his fame from “That ’70s Show,” Danny is a prominent member of “The Ranch.” Masterson has also performed DJ sets under the alias “DJ Mom Jeans.

Masteron’s reputation was permanently damaged in 2017 by three women’s persistent allegations of rape. He was formally accused of three charges of rape in 2020. Danny Masterson was found guilty of two of the three charges on May 31, 2023. His conviction for “forceable rape” of two unidentified women was upheld. He received a punishment to 15 years out of a possible 30 years if found guilty. And on September 7, 2023, that is precisely the punishment he was given.

Danny Masterson

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Danny Masterson Early Life

Date of Birth on March 13, 1976, Daniel Peter Masterson was born in Long Island, New York. Masterson, who was raised in Garden City and East Williston, entered the entertainment business at a very young age. At 8 years old, he began appearing in musicals, but as he became older, his singing voice deteriorated. Danny, who was sixteen at the time, has starred in more than a hundred advertisements for companies including Tang, Clearasil, Kellogg’s, and many more.

Danny Masterson Age, Height, & Weight

Danny Masterson is precisely 47 years, 10 months, and 18 days old as of today, January 31, 2024. In forty-one days comes his next birthday. He weighs 165 pounds (75 kg) and stands 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters) tall.

Danny Masterson Career

Masterson’s first significant cinematic role was in “Beethoven’s 2nd.” In the early 1990s, he also starred in the sitcom “Cybill.” Despite being a little older than the other cast members, he tried out for “That ’70s Show” after spending two seasons on this show. Based on Danny’s humorous audition, the production team completely redesigned Hyde’s character to suit Masterson’s aesthetic.

Danny’s career was essentially started by the role, and he went on to star in all eight seasons of “That ’70s Show.” Once the series concluded, Masterson continued to make appearances in television programs like “Punk’d” and “MADtv.” Alongside Jim Carrey, he also starred in the 2008 movie “Yes Man”. He co-starred with Bijou Phillips, his wife, in the 2009 motion picture “The Bridge to Nowhere.” In 2012, after made appearances in movies like “The Chicago 8” and a television show.

Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson's Wife & Siblings

Masterson is a committed follower of Scientology.

He started dating the Church of Scientology member Bijou Phillips in 2005. Masterson and Phillips got married in 2011 after getting engaged in 2009. Their first child was born in 2014. The primary vocalist for The Mamas & the Papas was Bijou’s father, John Phillips.

Billy Baldwin is the spouse of Chynna Phillips, Bijou’s half-sister. Mackenzie Phillips, her other half-sister, would subsequently assert that she had a sexual relationship with her father for years, beginning the night before her first marriage, which resulted in an aborted pregnancy, and that she began using drugs with him at the age of 11.

Danny Masterson

Who did Danny Masterson Rape?

Four women said that Masterson had sexually assaulted them in 2017. All four of the ladies were Scientologists, and they all said that Masterson had raped them after spiking their drinks.

An investigation was started by the police. Danny refuted every charge leveled against him. Masterson lost all affiliation with his talent agency, United Talent Agency, and was fired from “The Ranch” as a result of this disclosure. Following more accusations, the four initial women sued Danny and the Church of Scientology in 2019 alleging harassment and stalking.

These women said they had been harassed, filmed without permission, and driven after by Scientologists in cars. Chrissie Carnell Bixler, wife of popular singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, was one of the four women. Cedric said that Masterson had sexually assaulted his wife and that his animals were being fed rat poison in the form of raw meat that had been rolled up inexplicably. He made an implication that Church of Scientology members had placed the rat poison meat. The specifics of these accusations, which include Danny reportedly drugging women and threatening them with guns, are rather unsettling.

Masterson was legally accused of raping three women in June of 2020. The first and second rapes are said to have happened in 2001 and 2003, respectively. The ages of these women varied from 23 to 28. This marked the conclusion of a three-year inquiry that got underway in 2017. If Danny is found guilty, he may receive a maximum 45-year prison sentence. Danny was found guilty of two counts of coerced rape on May 31, 2023. He was given a sentence of 30 years in jail, 15 years for each conviction, on September 7, 2023.

Real Estate

Danny was asking $1.595 million for a house on Holly Mont Drive in Los Angeles in 2007. The four-bedroom home has a two-car garage, a multi-terraced yard, a pool, and a fireplace adorned with marble and gold leaf. The house was first bought by him for $560,000 in 1998, shortly after he was cast in the highly profitable role on “That ’70s Show.” Masterson had already made investments in several real estate properties by this time, including small apartment complexes and six apartments. Danny purchased a Los Angeles apartment in 2003. Less than a year later, he sold it to Laura Prepon for $165,000.

Masterson’s Hollywood Hills residence and his ongoing court battle over his rape accusations were linked for several years. He rented out his Hollyridge Drive property and moved into a house in Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara County, by 2020. For $2.995 million, he bought this 4,323-square-foot property in 2007 that had previously belonged to Chuck Berry.

To ensure his release following his rape arrest in June 2020, Danny posted a $3.3 million bond. He obtained the bail using the house on Hollyridge Drive.

When he was financing his house, Masterson once filed many lawsuits alleging that the Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems (MERS) and the Bank of New York Mellon had filed inaccurate documentation. Danny said that he was no longer required to make mortgage payments on the house as a result of his actions attorney said after these petitions were repeatedly refused.

These cases, many of which Masterson personally filed, appear to have been an attempt for him to cling onto his property in the event of legal action. Danny listed this house for $7 million several months earlier, but in the end, he sold it for $6.2 million in December 2021.

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