E Jean Carroll Net Worth-How Much is e Jean Carroll Worth?

E. Jean Carroll, an American novelist, journalist, and advice columnist, has been making headlines recently due to her allegations against prominent figures such as Les Moonves and Donald Trump. Carroll won a substantial $5 million in damages in 2019 after she defeated Trump in a defamation and violence action. This enormous amount has undoubtedly had a considerable impact on Carroll’s overall net worth.

E Jean Carroll


E. Jean Carroll’s Biography and Background

Jean Carroll was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 12, 1943, and is an American novelist, journalist, and advice columnist. She won the title of Miss Indiana University in 1963 while she was a student there. Carroll has been a journalist for over 25 years, during which she has produced significant contributions to a range of media and achieved remarkable milestones.

Carroll has a strong journalism career in addition to a successful writing career. She is the author of several works that have drawn readers from all around the world.


Elizabeth Jean Carroll

Date of Birth

12th December, 1943

Place Birth

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.


80 Years




Steve Byers (Div 1984), John Johnson (Div. 1990)


Indiana University, Bloomington (BA)


Journalist, Advice Columnist



Net Worth

$7.00 Million

E Jean Carroll


E. Jean Carroll’s Early Life

E. Jean Carroll was born in Detroit, Michigan, on December 12, 1943. Her upbringing shaped her into the confident, strong woman she is today. Carroll faced numerous challenges as a child, but she persevered and showed resilience in the face of them.

Carroll had an early passion of stories and writing. This gave her the notion to pursue a career in journalism so that she could successfully express her opinions through words. She had a strong drive to succeed and a strong ambition to change the world because of her upbringing and early experiences.

E. Jean Carroll’s Education and Career

At Indiana University, E. Jean Carroll began her academic career, honing her skills and developing a deep understanding of the expressive power of writing. Her time at the school gave her a solid foundation in journalism and assisted her in finding her voice.

Carroll has written extensively throughout the years on a wide range of topics, often tackling taboo or divisive topics. She has distinguished herself in the industry by taking on difficult subjects and exhibiting fearlessness, which has cemented her status as a trailblazing journalist and important figure in the media.

E. Jean Carroll’s Age and Personal Life

Today marks the 80th birthday of E. Jean Carroll, who was born on December 12, 1943, in Detroit, Michigan. Carroll has two marriages under his belt, each ending in divorce. She was previously married to Steve Byers before she married John Johnson. Carroll may not be a parent, but no information about her kids is out there.

Carroll’s public presence and prominent profession have sustained rumors and curiosity about her personal life. She has kept her personal life quite private, even if her professional achievements have garnered her widespread notoriety. That’s why there’s not much information out there about her marriages and relationships.

E Jean Carroll


E. Jean Carroll’s Net Worth

E. Jean Carroll has had significant financial success during her career; as of 2023, her estimated net worth is $6–7 million. Although she makes her money in several ways, the majority of her wealth comes from her journalism job and book sales.

E. Jean Carroll's Career in Journalism

Carroll has contributed to numerous magazines as a journalist, but her most well-known advice column, “Ask E. Jean,” originally brought her recognition from Elle magazine.

E. Jean Carroll’s Book Sales

Carroll is a successful writer in addition to a successful journalist. Why Do We Require Men? Her book has drawn a lot of interest and sold well. The book goes into great detail on her personal experiences as well as the challenges she faced as a woman in a society where men predominate. The success of the book has greatly enhanced Carroll’s overall net worth.

It is a blessing to be able to share my experiences and opinions with readers and have a positive impact on their lives. — Carroll, E. Jean

Source of Income

Estimated Earnings

Journalism Career

$2 million

Book Sales

$4 million

Other Investments

$1 million

E. Jean Carroll’s Professional Achievements and Awards

  1. Jean Carroll’s recognition and career achievements highlight her significant efforts and show how committed she is to the media sector. Aspiring professionals might draw inspiration from her amazing career.



Lifetime Achievement Award


Outstanding Journalism Award


Excellence in Reporting Award


Journalist of the Year



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